Monoclonal antibodies is Humanized Monoclonal antibodies

Most of the time the monoclonal antibodies (Mab), which are used for many In vitro experiments are mouse monoclonals, which are produced by the technique “Hybridoma Technology”. Some of the common experiments for which mouse monoclonals are used are, ELISA, western blotting, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry and many other applications. However for all In vivo applications, specifically for therapeutic purposes in human, he has to be a fully humanized antibody. This is mandatory because the presence of a chimeric Mab can cause many complications like hypersensitivities, lesser accuracy because of faster clearance rate from the serum by the liver, lower half-life as compared to a fully humanized Mab etc. Technically speaking a fully humanized Mab has both the variable and constant regions from humans, whereas a chimeric humanized Mab might have the variable or the hypervariable region from the mice and the rest is from the humans. The image below will certainly help you in understanding the humanization and the immunogenicity potential of a Mab:

potential for immunogenicity

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