We are a premier coaching institute presently based in Delhi, which provides quality education to under-graduate and post-graduate students in the field of Life Science and Biotechnology for excelling in some of the most reputed National level entrance exams. Genesis Academy envisions to create a very healthy, innovative and creative environment so as enable aspiring students to crack the most toughest of exam in the easiest possible way. In today’s competitive environment, entrance exams like IIT-JAM, GATE, CSIR and MSc. and Ph.D. biotechnology have raised their level bars beyond the scope of any book and therefore a calibrated, concept based coaching which provides an in-depth knowledge of the subject is the need of the hour. Our Vision is to become an exceptional Centre of Learning which promotes professional excellence and innovation.

Our emphasis is on developing an independent thinking among students by strengthening their knowledge base and providing them a congenial environment along with essential guidance for producing result-oriented mentoring. Our endeavor here at Genesis Academy is to make erudite scholars out of aspiring students and to fulfill their vision. Our sole aim is to make teaching a very interactive and interdisciplinary activity so as to inculcate scientific thinking and to nurture a tradition par excellence!

Dr. R. Kumar


Transforming your Knowledge – We help you to gain invaluable insights and in-depth understanding of the subjects. We achieve this by means of hard wiring concepts and interlinking various disciplines so as to gain deeper insights into the subjects. We lay more emphasis on building stronger concepts so as to truly transform your understanding of the subject from a novice to an “erudite scholar”


S.no Name Qualifications Subject expert Publications/books/ Patents & awards
1 Dr. R Kumar Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Animal Physiology and Animal biotechnology CSIR-JRF, DBT-JRF.4 papers,1 book chapter
2 Dr. J. Kumar Molecular biology, Signalling and genetics CSIR-JRF, DBT-JRF.5 International publications, 3 Book chapters
3 Dr. R Verma Maths, Physics and aptitude UGC-NET JRF.10 international publications
4 Dr. Nalin Sarin Plant Physiology, Plant molecular biology and signalling pathways CSIR-JRF 6 Publications, 5 books and 2 patents
5 Dr. Neha Batra Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry UGC-NET JRF, 4 International Publications
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