1. CSIR NET 2. Biotechnology Entrance Exam 3. GATE 4. BARC OCES/DGFS 5. Correspondence



As the biotechnology industry continues to flourish nationwide as well abroad. Therefore, not only are the total number of biotechnology companies increasing, but employment in the biotechnology field continues to grow as well. Typically after a bachelors degree such as B.Sc or B.Tech. various opportunities are presented to a student depending on the technical background and expertise. Some of the common career choices made by students are:

Career choices after graduation

1. Research career:

Typically after a bachelor's degree, a career in research is one of the most promising and rewarding career in terms of academic and intellectual satisfaction. If one is interested in this direction, so they must choose to join a top notch varsity offering the master's or dual degree programme of their choice either in India or abroad.

2. Lab Technicians/ assistants:

Immediately after a bachelors degree, both private and Govt Universities, Research Institutes and various councils offer a variety of post as lab managers and technicians. Apart from doing various lab chores, they are required to assist sampling, measuring, collecting and analyzing investigated data apart from maintenance of laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, titrators, pipetting machines.

3. Clinical Research Analyst/Associate:

Clinical research analysts/associates mainly work on medical studies designed to measure the effectiveness of a drug, medical device, or process on the human body. Clinical researchers analysts often work in a hospital, medical facility, or laboratory, so as to evaluate possible adverse effects. They are involved in both study design and in writing reports using given results.

4. Animal Handlers/caretakers:

Animal caretaker is nurturing animals used in biotech research. List of species generally handled by the animal caretakers is long: all the way from mice and rats to cows and chimps. Water and food supplies, cage cleaning, animal health monitoring, relocation, milking and artificial insemination a lot of duties need to be performed. Animal handlers find employment in various research institutes where animals need to be breed and kept healthy for the experiments.

5. Quality control analysts:

For becoming a quality assurance analysts in a biotechnology company, you need to have specialization/professional experience in Microbiology/Aseptic compliance. Roles of a quality control analysts are to ensure contamination free and standardized product formation. Quality control analysts are required by various pharma, food and drinks manufacturing biotechnology units.

6. Sales and marketing executives:

Sales and marketing executives are required by research and pharmaceutical companies for selling/marketing of their products to various research institutes, universities, clinics and hospitals.

Career choices after Post graduation

1. Lecturers and Assistant professors:

A lot of private and Govt. universities offer these highly rewarding positions, which leads to a very clean and respectable job profile. However, in order to qualify for these positions of lecturer in a college, one needs to clear NET-LS or NET-JRF (National Eligibility Test - Lecturership) only then you are eligible to apply for these posts. These jobs provide for better work-life balance and offers job satisfaction of being a mentor for so many aspiring students.


To qualify as a trainee scientific officer in BARC is no mean achievement and the job offers a short research internship followed by appointment as a grade 'A' gazetted post of a scientist 'C'.

3. Junior Research Fellows (JRFs):

If a student wants to pursue a research career, then joining a research lab of his interest and serving as a JRF provides essential research experience in the domain, know how about technical details of research experiments, methodologies and interpretation of the results. A typical JRF earns a monthly stipend of 20000-30000, depending on the experience.

4. Careers in Intellectual Property Research and Patenting:

A person having working knowledge about patents and intellectual property rights has an opportunity to get employed in companies like Pangea3, Dolcera, Stellarix etc. Typically a person having knowledge about the patents etc can be employed as a patent Agent or other posts in IPR division of biotech companies.

5. Sales & Marketing:

Many prominent Research and Pharma companies hire talented students after they have completed their masters for the purpose of marketing of high end equipments and reagents. Master's students have a better chances of qualifying for these posts as they have more domain knowledge and better understanding of the techniques.

6. Production Engineer:

A Production Engineer role can be obtained in any Biotechnology Product based company (like Cosmetics/FMCG, Pharmaceutical firms, Food industry etc). Role of a production engineer involves mapping process parameters to keep the line of production progressive (which is crucial for any large scale production company, especially pharmaceuticals).

Career choices after Ph.D.

1. Lecturers/Assistant Professors in colleges:

After doctorate recruitment as a Assistant Professor in colleges in one of the many chosen path as it leads to a very respectable job alongwith a handsome pay package.

2. Scientists:

Individual who want to continue their research careers can join both private and Govt organization for pursuing their research interests. This is one of the most respected position where an individual has to train talented researchers about the nitty-gritty of research.

3. Post Doctoral positions:

After completion of doctorate, this is one of the most followed jobs as the individuals gets the opportunity to pursue higher research in the research group of his choice and he is also handsomely paid for the same.